Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Happy 6 months Caden!!


So here is a pic of our little peanut on his 6 month birthday!! Oh my, what a whirlwind it's been:) Cade is now eating 3 meals a day with bottles in between and has decided that he does not like ANY veggie other than sweet potatoes.  He LOVES any fruit and gets so excited when it's eating time... hence the 20lbs!! At his 6 month check up all looked great (except his ear infection which I'll chat about in a min) and he weighed 20lbs and was 26 3/4" long and his head was so big it was off the charts...seriously, his ped said he was going to remeasure because it was so big. So basically we have a short, chubby, and very smart little guy!! Cade is sitting alone and finds everything funny. It doesn't matter what it is, it's funny. He has recently been introduced to sweet tea (thanks pawpaw) and now we can't pick up a cup without him screaming his head off to hold it and "drink". So since he's so mr. independent we have started slowly introducing his sippy cup and he loves it except sometimes forgets to hold it upright and just gets mad and bangs it on the table!! He is also wanting to feed himself with the spoon but only ends up gagging himself. He is trying oh so hard to crawl but hey, it's a lot of work trying to lift that big ole belly off and haul it around!!!
Two weeks ago we decided to surprise Coop with a trip. He had no idea and thought Lee was home that am to watch Cade while I went to the MD. He had his book bag on and we were driving into school when Lee said, 'Coop, want to skip school today?' Of course Coop was totally into it and then Lee said, want to go on an adventure for a couple of days??? after the screaming was complete, we told coop our evil plan and he was so surprised!! I have video on my iphone but can't load it yet (of course) but will try later.  We ended up going down to Myrtle to a resort that had an indoor water park and it was so much fun!! We had a blast and there was a lot to do there so no 'I'm bored'!! We also went to wonderworks and the aquarium and just all in all had a nice relaxing time...that is until the 2nd night...when Cade broke loose from 11-4am and Lee and Coop were in a state of unconsciousness I guess and didn't hear the blood curling screams errupting from 4 feet away...hince the ear infections. Bilateral ear infections...that did not clear up after a week of antibiotics and after the 2nd type of med and 2 weeks later with fevers up to 103....I think we are FINALLY on the mend. Following in brothers footsteps I guess.

Coop at the top of the big slide...

Coop laying on a bed of nails...really!!

this is a game that the ball would move toward the person who was thinking the most...it never even came near me. does that say something about my mental state these days?!?!

So baseball is underway for Coop and Lee is coaching so basically I see them very little:) No really, we are excited to go watch brother play first base and hit those homers!! Here are some pics from the beach and just some random ones. One other special note, Cooper received his first shotgun from pawpaw for his birthday that was passed down from my pawpaw. Coop was so excited he was just jumping up and down and could not wait to shoot it. He and Lee are going turkey hunting on 4/6 with some friends and now Coop has his own gun to hunt with.....where did time go??? Love you all!!