Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas PJ's

so I bought the boys 'matching' pj's for Christmas thinking how cute it would be to have pics made and we've always given Coop new pj's for Christmas eve to wear and thought Cade would enjoy the tradition too. Wrong. first of all, I bought these 1 month ago. I bought Cade a size 3-6 months thinking he'd be just 3 months so we'd be good. Well we had to pack him in these pajamas like sausage in a casing (sp?). He is such a butterball. Then, once in them, we went into full melt down mode. I think it may have been because the santa, "my first Christmas" hat was too small but nevertheless, I made him wear it. Coop was in his pj's and ready to roll. Finally we got the pic and as you can see the only way to not have melt down, was with a paci.  Next time I'll know better:)

Then of course big doofus had to get in on the action...

Love to you all!!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

so thankful

Well thanksgiving is over and we are on our way to Christmas!! We had a great time at aunt Sherry's and uncle Jimmy's (thanks for having us) visiting and playing!! We made it up and back in one day which can be exhausting but having a cranky baby is even more so! Friday after Thanksgiving instead of braving the black Friday deals, we braved decorating. I love decorating. I love listening to Christmas music. I am the only one. As you can see the other 3 got bored fairly quickly with the whole process.
starting the process

maybe I can make a fort out of this one

can't I just go outside

 so it wasn't as ideal as I hoped but at least we got it finished!

Last night we were upstairs playing after bath time and Coop decided to dress up as Santa. He donned his santa hat and stuffed lots of pillows up his shirt and sat in the glider in Cades room and asked Cade to sit on his lap to tell 'santa' what he wanted for Christmas.  Cade did and asked for ba-ba's (bottles) diapers and paci's:)  Then Coop told me it was my turn.  And honestly while I could ask for a ton of things, there is nothing that I want that I don't have.  I am so thankful for 2 wonderful healthy little boys that I love so much, a husband who works so hard and sacrifices so much so that I can stay at home to soak up every second with our boys and whom I don't tell often enough how much I appreciate him, our parents who are alive and well, my sister who is my best friend,my two nieces who I love to spend time with as much as possible, a lovely home & car, plenty to keep our bellies full and bodies warm, and most importantly a loving God who sent his Son to save me. Yep, pretty much have everything a girl could ask for..well, maybe one night of sleep santa!! Love you all!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Big beautiful eyes and shots

Just thought I'd post a quick note about Cade and Coop's recent activities.  Not much going on around here except still trying to have some sort of routine and schedule.  You know me, I'm a schedule kinda gal and I like to have some type of normacy in my life which I think (fingers crossed) we are getting.  Coop had off a couple of days for Veterans day (thank you daddy for serving our country) and the weather was beautiful!! He had a playdate with a different friend every day and Lee and I were wore out:) Sunday after church we decided to just hang out around here and take Axel for a walk and prepare for D-day on Monday. Caden's shots.  5 shots to be exact.  He actually did very well and only cried for a little it wrong that mommy cried more and longer?!?! He is growing like a weed and was 13 lb 6 oz and 23.5" long.  (I told you he liked to eat!) All was good and we don't have to go back until the 4 month mark.  After that load of fun, we headed to chuck e cheese for brother a surprise.  Cade slept through is first trip to the wonderful land of chucke and has slept A LOT yesterday and today. He's had a low fever so we've kept him pumped with tylenol which I'm sure is helping with the sleeping. Here are a few pics from the last couple of days.  I am excited to go home for Thanksgiving and see you all. I hope aunt Sherry is better and we can enjoy spending time together. I am so very thankful for all of the MANY blessings in my life. Love to you all!!

Those eyes melt my heart...

helping brother on the computer

brotherly love...matching shirts for Church on Sunday

boo boos

sticker maw maw gave to help him stay brave!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

What does a special ops navy dude and a pea in the pod have in common.....

Brothers!! Haha Cooper was a special ops military dude and Cade was a pea in the pod this Halloween.  In one of the pics my sister said it looked like Cooper was holding the pea hostage!! Halloween night we had the gang over and we all went trick or treating around the neighborhood.  Our neighborhood is so packed and so many folks handing out candy, that it only took about 30 minutes of the kids running from house to house to have their buckets so full that they could not even carry it any longer.  It's more of a block party here and social time for the grown ups but we let the kids think it's for them:)
Cade did very well and we actually had him back at home for his bedtime...remember the routine I talked about last post....
he is still not sleeping through the night and I told him that's all I had asked for my birthday present but he didn't seem to get it. He and brother did give me some $$ to go shopping with but hurricane Sandy put a little damper on that one.
Cooper is still doing SUPER in school and getting so excited for Christmas. He's very interested in what Santa will bring his little brother..possibly more than he'll bring him?? I think he's just excited that he'll have someone to share that morning with besides old mom and dad.
Thanksgiving is soon and we are looking forward to heading home to see everyone and eating a lot of yummy food!!
Love to you all!

me and my boys on my birthday

the shirt does not lie

our lil' pumpkin

Coop carving the pumpkin and cleaning out the 'guts'!!