Friday, July 20, 2012


Well, we made it! What a nice and relaxing beach trip!! Coop had his friend Ryan join us for the first part of the trip and I gotta tell ya, they wore us out!! They are some busy little boys. We played putt-putt, went to the amusement park, rode the waves at the beach, played for hours at the pool, and rode the wheels off the golf cart....and that was just the first day!!! No really, they had a great time and I'm so glad he got to join us. 
The rest of the time we got to visit with some of Lee's family that we don't get to see very often which was nice.  We really were very lazy in that every afternoon we would come home and just lay around and watch TV until we decided to go out in the evening (which was nice for me so I could take a little break from the heat). 
Too bad for little Coop, he got a little bug on Tuesday and while we were trying to enjoy a nice dinner at the Japanese restaurant (which is Coops favorite) he decided that he didn't want to keep it down:(  All I can say is those poor people that we were sharing our meal with and the poor workers who had to clean up the trail!!! Of course he still wanted to go to Alligator Adventure afterwards so off we went to buy a new outfit (good thing the outlets were nearby).  For the next 2 days all he did was pretty much sleep.  We took him to the MD today and he said he pretty much thought it was mono.  Sooooo, he's been sleeping and Lee and I have been getting last minute things ready for little Caden.  Please be in prayer that all will look good on our fetal dopler on Wednesday.  We'll keep ya posted!! (beware, lot's of pics to follow)

hang ten dude

fishing off the caught a croaker!

my favorite two people in the world!!

whoaaa..did I swallow a watermelon???

my sweet love bug...
the croaker coop caught..7'' and that's no fish tale!!

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