Thursday, July 26, 2012

Can I just vent....

Can I just vent a minute.  Why in the world do complete strangers feel the need to tell me, a very preggo woman, how big I am. Like I don't know that I'm a huge mammoth. That I don't feel my legs so swollen that they feel like ground sausage being squeezed into it's casing. Take for instance yesterday, 3 COMPLETE strangers  stop me and ask how much longer I had.  When I reply, oh about 5 weeks they act as if I've told them I'm delivering an alien right there in Walmart.  Oh honey, one said, you will never make that and if you do, I feel for you because you are huge!!.. really???? Or when I was getting my hair cut and my hairdresser, whom I love and have been going to for 10 years, says "let's cut your hair a little because your face is swollen and your nose is spreading across your face". oh, are you saying I look like a gorilla??? So just in case you come in contact with me or any other preggo, please just keep your coments to yourself, unless they are of course to tell me how great I look!!! :)


  1. Been there, done that with both you and your sister. Something about being short and pregnant in the summer makes you seem so much bigger than you are. Anyway, it is just so much more to love!