Thursday, November 29, 2012

so thankful

Well thanksgiving is over and we are on our way to Christmas!! We had a great time at aunt Sherry's and uncle Jimmy's (thanks for having us) visiting and playing!! We made it up and back in one day which can be exhausting but having a cranky baby is even more so! Friday after Thanksgiving instead of braving the black Friday deals, we braved decorating. I love decorating. I love listening to Christmas music. I am the only one. As you can see the other 3 got bored fairly quickly with the whole process.
starting the process

maybe I can make a fort out of this one

can't I just go outside

 so it wasn't as ideal as I hoped but at least we got it finished!

Last night we were upstairs playing after bath time and Coop decided to dress up as Santa. He donned his santa hat and stuffed lots of pillows up his shirt and sat in the glider in Cades room and asked Cade to sit on his lap to tell 'santa' what he wanted for Christmas.  Cade did and asked for ba-ba's (bottles) diapers and paci's:)  Then Coop told me it was my turn.  And honestly while I could ask for a ton of things, there is nothing that I want that I don't have.  I am so thankful for 2 wonderful healthy little boys that I love so much, a husband who works so hard and sacrifices so much so that I can stay at home to soak up every second with our boys and whom I don't tell often enough how much I appreciate him, our parents who are alive and well, my sister who is my best friend,my two nieces who I love to spend time with as much as possible, a lovely home & car, plenty to keep our bellies full and bodies warm, and most importantly a loving God who sent his Son to save me. Yep, pretty much have everything a girl could ask for..well, maybe one night of sleep santa!! Love you all!!

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