Sunday, November 4, 2012

What does a special ops navy dude and a pea in the pod have in common.....

Brothers!! Haha Cooper was a special ops military dude and Cade was a pea in the pod this Halloween.  In one of the pics my sister said it looked like Cooper was holding the pea hostage!! Halloween night we had the gang over and we all went trick or treating around the neighborhood.  Our neighborhood is so packed and so many folks handing out candy, that it only took about 30 minutes of the kids running from house to house to have their buckets so full that they could not even carry it any longer.  It's more of a block party here and social time for the grown ups but we let the kids think it's for them:)
Cade did very well and we actually had him back at home for his bedtime...remember the routine I talked about last post....
he is still not sleeping through the night and I told him that's all I had asked for my birthday present but he didn't seem to get it. He and brother did give me some $$ to go shopping with but hurricane Sandy put a little damper on that one.
Cooper is still doing SUPER in school and getting so excited for Christmas. He's very interested in what Santa will bring his little brother..possibly more than he'll bring him?? I think he's just excited that he'll have someone to share that morning with besides old mom and dad.
Thanksgiving is soon and we are looking forward to heading home to see everyone and eating a lot of yummy food!!
Love to you all!

me and my boys on my birthday

the shirt does not lie

our lil' pumpkin

Coop carving the pumpkin and cleaning out the 'guts'!!

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