Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas PJ's

so I bought the boys 'matching' pj's for Christmas thinking how cute it would be to have pics made and we've always given Coop new pj's for Christmas eve to wear and thought Cade would enjoy the tradition too. Wrong. first of all, I bought these 1 month ago. I bought Cade a size 3-6 months thinking he'd be just 3 months so we'd be good. Well we had to pack him in these pajamas like sausage in a casing (sp?). He is such a butterball. Then, once in them, we went into full melt down mode. I think it may have been because the santa, "my first Christmas" hat was too small but nevertheless, I made him wear it. Coop was in his pj's and ready to roll. Finally we got the pic and as you can see the only way to not have melt down, was with a paci.  Next time I'll know better:)

Then of course big doofus had to get in on the action...

Love to you all!!

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