Thursday, December 6, 2012

Naughty or nice.....

my dear friend Crista gave us tons of clothes to borrow for Caden and while going through one of them I found this outfit which is too stinking cute....I'll let you decide if  he's naughty or nice.....

so the pics aren't quite in order but as you can see, little man has started rolling over. Once he gets that big head a going,there's no stopping him then!!

Our other Christmas tradition is making a gingerbread house. Well, that tradition is like the others we have in this house, it usually causes a melt down. Usually by Lee because our house never stays together, looks like the package, or even tastes good. So this year I decided to go the easy which the end result looks great and there were only minor meltdowns (Lee:)) Great job Coop!!

note that brother was no where in sight because once again, he was bored with the whole process!!
Merry Christmas!!

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