Friday, January 4, 2013


Lately I've really been complaining of Caden and his sleep (or lack of) habits. He has only slept maybe a 4 hour stretch once in his little life and at night he likes to wake up and keep mommy company. I guess he thinks I'm bored and he needs to keep me entertained.
As I sit here and think of him up in his crib and waiting anxiously for him to wake, I also think of how blessed I am.
I'm catching up with my friends blogs, news, other babies and I see a 6 month old diagnosed with leukemia, children getting shot while at school, all kinds of awfulness.
Thank you God that my two little Angels are healthy, that they can cry when they need me, that when I go into their room I can see them smile, that my legs are strong enough to carry them when needed and that my ears can hear them when they cry. I'm thankful that I can hold them day or night, awake or asleep, crying or laughing. I'm thankful that they are in my life and I'm thankful that for whatever reason, God trusted Lee and I to take care of these two beautiful, precious children.
So forgive me when I complain because really, I have no reason to.  I am so unbelievably blessed in my life and I am even more thankful.

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