Thursday, January 3, 2013


Whew...what day is it? That's a question that Coop kept asking me over our break and to tell you the truth, most of the time I had to ask Lee or look at the calender!! I can't believe what a whirlwind this Christmas has been AND that it's already over. 
Let's see, first we went to Siler to see everyone and exchange Christmas with nana & papa and then maw maw, pawpaw, uncle Jimmy, aunt Sherry and the girls. That was fun and Caden did very well on the traveling part. Sleeping...well, I'll get to that later. Coop had a blast seeing his family, playing with his cuz's, and of course...getting presents!

who is the cutest santa???

BFF's always

so this last pic was pretty much the highlight of coop's trip. pawpaw took him out in the woods and let him shoot the rifle and pistol and that's all Coop talked about for days.  He LOVES to play army and go into the field and shoot his BB gun. Over Christmas break he decided to take some of his $$ and he bought a air rifle that he has now added to his arsenal of guns and 'hunting' equipment. 
Finally, after all of that fun was over, we headed home to finish up school and some Christmas programs. Our friend Kelly is the youth pastor at her church so we went to see their program which was great and then our church did a Christmas cantata which was also super.  Caden loved the light show:)

Finally, Christmas was here, school was out and the fun was supposed to start!! mawmaw and pawpaw came in for Christmas eve to see what santa brought and enjoy the show of the boys opening their goodies.  Cade really wasn't that into it but I can only imagine next year...

Cades gift from brother...a new blankie

coops only surprise..his nook color!

santa's loot

as you can see, coop had lots of goodies from Santa and the sides were a little off balance with coop's side being MUCH larger than little Cades:)
There was one little mishap with Santa this year. The only toy that Coop kept asking over and over from Santa was a RC flyline (seen in the above pic) that he wanted SOOOOOO badly. Basically it's a remote control plane on this string kinda thingie that will do tricks. Well, we wait for the sun to come out (oh, did I mention that we were up @ 5:00??) and out we go to test it. It's so big we have to set it up in the drive and do a test run. oh, oh, wait...I think it's going to...CRASH. What a piece of junk. No matter what we did, that crazy thing would not work. So, thank goodness Santa left the receipt with that one and Coop took it back to Walmart where he decided to exchange it for a XBOX 360 kinect and seemed pretty pleased with his decision! I did feel so bad for the little guy though because that is all he wanted for Christmas and then...let down. but oh well, it ended up okay. Santa also brought him a bow and arrow and he's been playing with that in the yard as well.

So, that's it for our Christmas. Lot's of toys, lot's of playing, and lot's of doing nothing!! Caden is still not sleeping more than 3 hours at a time but we are keeping our fingers crossed for more very soon!! I'll have a new post soon because Caden has gotten the okay for solids---this should be fun!!
Love yall all!
Our prayer is that 2013 will be filled with love, laughter and good health for us all!

ps...i don't know why this is here...i tried to post a Christmas morning pic of all of us and this is what happened.ugggg

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