Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Well I'm still trying to get my iphone to upload pics of Caden eating and a video of his first food but I'm not very techno so I'll keep working on it:)  He is doing really good with solids and has liked everything we've given him except green beans and prunes are not his favorite...but really, can you blame him? We've just increased him to breakfast with a fruit and bottle and then dinner with a veggie and bottle.  He's still sleeping pretty much the same...getting a little better with waking only at 12, 3 or 4, then 530 for the day.  I'm trying to just pat and shush him at the 3 awakening and it's doing ok.  I'm also trying to get him away from the swing for naps so that's been our goal this week was napping in the crib and TRYING to get a nap schedule. I really feel like that will help with the night time sleeping.  He's just too busy and too nosey to nap!!
Cooper is doing well and is just so stinking sweet I can't stand it. (thank goodness he doesn't read this because he would kill me!!)  Flying through 2nd grade without any issues and is so smart...sometimes I don't even know how to do his homework!!
This past weekend we went down to the beach to visit Crista and her family because it was so warm and had a nice time catching up!!  She's due with her new little guy May 11 and we can't wait to meet him! It was Cade's first sand adventure and he loved the squashy feeling under his toes!! We didn't do the water because it was SO COLD!!!Here are a few pics from the last couple of weeks.  Hope all is well and love to you all! a thumb sucker??

it doesn't feel too weird:)

Cooper and Coles 'pond' and yes they were both wet!

sweet love:)

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